I grew up in Seymour, Indiana and graduated from high school in 1965. My father started a Plumbing Business in 1963 called Helton and Sons Plumbing  and I got my start when I was in High School helping him. Then  I enlisted in The U S Air Force in 1966 and was Honorably discharged in 1970.

When I came out of the service I never thought I would make plumbing  my full time career but here I am 40 years later.  In 1981 I moved to Port Charlotte, Florida  where I went to Port Charlotte Vocational School and obtained a Journeyman's License for Port Charlotte.  I worked For Rays Plumbing and
H S Harvey Inc. for most of the 6 and a half years that I was  there. 

When I came back to Seymour, my younger brother Joe had taken over my fathers company which is now called Helton Plumbing and we sometimes work together.  My company does a lot of new Construction both in the residential and commercial venues. We have put the plumbing in around 225 homes in Southern Indiana as well as several Taco Bells and various other businesses.

We also specialize in residential and commercial service needs, home and business renovations, and industrial plumbing. We have earned the reputation as being one of the most reputable companies in all of Southern Indiana since 1970.  We only use the best materials and are dedicated to completing each project in a timely manner.

We have the perfect plumbing solution for your home.  We are  committed  to helping you decide what best fits your needs and budget. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and to give you a free quote for whatever job you have either big or small.

We are fully licensed and bonded.   PC 81033464

Dave Helton [owner]

Office (812) 522.5676    Cell (812) 525.0053.
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